When did you last ask for a pay rise, or a better deal? Did you ask for more money or more flexibility? Did you pitch for more responsibility a secondment, a training course?

What’s holding you back from asking for more?

See if you’re not comfortable with the conversation, you may simply be waiting for a pay rise to come to you. That’s not likely to happen!

Let me equip you with some tips to get more comfortable. Let’s get you earning more money, experiencing more joy, growing into the roles you really want to be in.

Kelly Magowan, author of The Busy Women’s Guide to Salary Negotiation joined Gender Gap Gone for a talk with our subscribers on How To Ask For More. You can access that HERE.

Meanwhile, here are my top tips for increasing your competitive urge so you feel ready to take on the pay rise conversation.

1. Be Prepared

First know what you want. Then know your market worth and pitch that rather than how committed you are. If your conversation is all “I deserve” you’l come across and whiny and frankly uncompelling. Kelly offers 7 steps to Salary Negotiation in this article – a few of them are the what-exactly of Being Prepared.

2. Be Confident

Take stock of all your achievements. Not so you can list them off when you’re sitting down with the boss necessarily, but so you feel better about your abilities. Creatively the market knowledge you’ll get from Kelly’s preparation tips will help with this big time too.

3. Use Science

You can manipulate your hormones to induce that feeling of competitive drive. By increasing your testosterone (the risk-taking hormone) and decreasing your cortisol (the stress hormone), you’ll be statistically more likely to have that tough conversation.


3 steps to negotiating a pay rise


Utilise the Amy Cuddy Advantage

If you haven’t yet heard Amy Cuddy’s TED talk, How Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are – now’s the time to tune in. If you have heard it, watch it again and share it. Which power pose works best for you? And when will you apply it? Before your pay rise negotiation meeting, or will you ALSO use it as you’re preparing?

I’ve heard many disgruntled employees complain that “I’m overlooked”  or “I didn’t get a raise / promotion / support for training I wanted”. When I delve further, they’ve not actually asked for these things that they want.  Exit surveys are filled with evidence that people leave businesses thinking that what they want isn’t available… even though it really is available. Wasted opportunities.

Don’t leave money on the table. Or opportunity or flexibility or whatever it is that’s important to you. Others are asking and receiving. Why not you?

Gear up your confidence and gather your data, be clear about what you want then Ask For It!

How to boost your overall confidence

There’s as many ways to boost confidence as there are people: what works for you might not work for me. But there are a handful of strategies that I’ve seen work consistently with my clients.

Want to strategise that pay rise conversation? Our team of coaches might be able to assist. Drop us an email, hi@cathnolan.com and let’s line up a chat about how we might help.

Cath Nolan is a Corporate Coach and serial business founder. With over 15 years, several thousand participants, hundreds of global brands and a long list of professional speaking gigs in her experience list, Cath’s focus is helping individuals to become the best of themselves, to achieve what’s most important to them. To see more, including free resources, visit cathnolan.com