You’ve just smashed it out of the ballpark. You’ve hit a big goal and are quite ready to take three months off to sit by a pool and recover. Look after yourself, of course: but please, take a moment to ensure that you’re getting the leverage from this success that you deserve. You owe it to yourself, your department and the team who follow you.

In the wake of a Big Win, don’t miss these:

Celebrate the win! (leverage it for team morale)

Plan a celebration that suits the team involved. Maybe that means streamers and cake during business hours, or maybe it’s an offsite round of bare foot bowls one Friday evening. The options are endless, and there are some cautions to mind. See more in our Celebrating Wins article HERE.

Who else needs to be involved? Be strategic. Are there senior leaders or influencers who were close to this project, who you’d like to be aware of how hard fought and glorious the victory has been? Invite them along.

Showcase it (leverage it for team PR)

  • Articulate the win. Who was pivotal to success of the project? Who can you tell, up the line, about that contribution?
  • How can you showcase this success for the sake of individuals and for the benefit of team reputation?


leverage success for more engaged teams


Document it (leverage it for your career and those who follow you)

Do you keep a Pride Diary? Does your team keep them? Never let an opportunity for confidence – building pass you by. Not sure what a Pride Diary is? You can read the article HERE.

What about your resumé? Maybe you’ve not updated it for years? Now is the PERFECT time to start. If it’s dusty, you might find these Resumé Refresh tips useful.

Write this baby up, before the busyness of your role and the inevitable barrage of new projects creeps in fast to make the edges dusty. Document what you achieved, how you achieved it, the stakeholders you engaged, the deadlines you faced and the difficulties you overcame.


Take the Next Step (leverage this unrivalled career leap opportunity)

Now is THE perfect moment to check out new opportunities. If you’re the person who occasionally looks for new opportunities, THESE are the times when you should check out the market. Speak with your manager, with your one-up manager, with your mentors and the business influencers. Ask some questions

  • “You’ve seen what we accomplished here. What do you think would be a great next move for me?”
  • “How do you think I can best leverage this win, for the benefit of the business?”
  • “If I was to be really brave right now, what should I do next?”

Do it while you’re riding high on the adrenaline of a job well done. While your confidence is high, before the brain kicks back into keeping you comfortable and small – I mean safe.

It’s the ideal time for your team members to investigate opportunities too. Whether they move on or not, having an encouraging career conversation with them right now is fabulous for team engagement. Sure you may lose them, but that was going to happen anyway.

Whether these conversations lead to immediate job change is questionable. The greatest benefit is that when the next opportunity does come up, you’ll be front of mind. Because when you were riding high on one of your glory days, you expressed an interest in the next challenge. You’ll be memorable. Leverage that.


Cath Nolan is a Corporate Coach and serial business founder. With over 15 years, several thousand participants, hundreds of global brands and a long list of professional speaking gigs in her experience list, Cath’s focus is helping individuals to become the best of themselves, to achieve what’s most important to them. To see more, including free resources, visit

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