There’s been some buzz around Gratitude Journals, but in my experience they’re a counter-productive confidence killer. They sure look pretty and they’re useful for a few, but they’re doing us more harm than good.

Gratitude journals get you to record all the reasons you’re grateful. So we list our education, our support structures, the lovely team around us, maybe our home or car, the opportunities that have been given to us. We list our circumstances. The things beyond our control.

Gratitude Journals don’t ask you to list any evidence of Warrior Prowess. Or Warrior Princess Prowess.

And most of us don’t naturally gather that kind of confidence – building evidence either.

We’re all prone to moments of self-doubt. The confidence- crushing imposter syndrome. Even the brightest stars have raised their hand to that.

If you believe that all of your success is reliant on good fortune, then when things get tough your self-doubt will skyrocket.

I’ve been advocating for Pride Diaries for a while now. My clients have seen fantastic results with them. There’s no book sale here, it’s just a concept for you to apply in whatever way you’re most likely to actually execute.

Let me explain.

A Pride Diary can be a notebook or it can be a page in your phone. One of the best places for it is Post-It Notes. A number of my clients have opted to leave a stack of post-it notes under the handbrake of their car. When they leave work and get into the car each afternoon, their hand brushes the post-its. Before they start their drive home they’re reminded to take stock and jot down one or more things they did well that day.

The events you choose to record can be small or mighty, it really doesn’t matter too much. The point is, you’re reflecting on “I did well”. You moved situations forward, made the tough call, you inspired a team member to stretch a little, you negotiated a little better deal for the business, or for your team or yourself.

The importance is the practice of gathering evidence that you’re on track. You’re building a growing self-recognition that you do great stuff and that your efforts are contributing to where you want to be.

You can’t win the Grand Final without a stack of tiny wins along the way. The weekly victories, sure… but it’s the practice and the fails you actively learn from and the team relationships and the discipline and … you get the idea. Small wins like weekly discipline get you closer to victory. Celebrate your tenacity.



Boost your Confidence by Reviewing this baby!

My favourite option for the Pride Diary is a phone entry. Your phone is always with you, so its easy to make entries as you think of them and it’s easy to see when doubt creeps in. Any time you need a boost, look at it. You’ll be reassured:

Oh yeah I’ve got this. I can PROOVE that I’ve got this, because look at all the ways I’ve shown that I can do this!


Use your pride diary to amplify confidence and attract the good stuff

When it’s time to update your resumé, be sure to check this list. There might be a few gems you can transfer over. Gems you’d otherwise overlook if you’d not been keeping a regular record of your brilliance. Want more tips on updating your resumé? Check out this BLOG on doing a DIY Resumé Review.

At interview there’s two kinds of prep you need to do. 1: get familiar with your relevant experience. 2: project confidence. This little black book of pride is the perfect pre-interview shot of doubt killer.

The Pride Diary is an excellent tool for building your confidence and leveraging your success. Read it HERE.

Now you’re in the habit of taking stock and your confidence is on the rise, be sure to share your successes with others. Our Impactful Communication Training can help with your messaging, so that it’s both authentic and heard. See more HERE.


Cath Nolan is a Corporate Coach and serial business founder. With over 15 years, several thousand participants, hundreds of global brands and a long list of professional speaking gigs in her experience list, Cath’s focus is helping individuals to become the best of themselves, to achieve what’s most important to them. To see more, including free resources, visit

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