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Hey I’m Cath,

 My focus is your next step. That’s not always outside of your organisation. Maybe it’s a board role, a project with profile, maybe a promotion or yes, maybe an external move.

 I’m an ex-executive recruiter and I’ve worked in exec coaching for over 10 years.

My team of coaches have varying specialisations and passions. Whether we are facilitating a workshop, writing your resumé or coaching you 1:1, we all follow a similar process. 

We ask the questions that help you tap into your best self.

Our clients report significantly greater career satisfaction, along with increased opportunities suddenly falling into their laps.

It’s amazing what doors open when you’re working more joyfully, delivering optimum outputs for yourself and the business.

our focus is your success

SOME businesses Who’ve Worked With me So Far

my work is helping leaders to get the most out of their work

My dream was to help people build successful careers that fit their abilities, their aspirations and their lives. I sought out the best craftsmen I could find, learning what sets the super successful apart from the ‘good at their job… but unsatisfied’. 

After 8 years of working with some of the world’s most recognisable brands, to identify and secure the best talent, I had a very clear view of what landed someone the role. But that’s not enough. What keeps a career star rising?

I studied, I interviewed, I researched and I worked. Working along side master coaches, I supported a high volume of senior executives and emerging leaders and developed my coaching skills. Following the patterns of what worked consistently, I created programs that saw my clients consistently step around self-doubt, to develop their strengths, leverage their brilliance and be seen.  

Now with over 15 years in assessment and development, I specialise in coaching communication: the messages my clients tell themselves and the ones they tell others. My team and I do 1:1 coaching, online programs, workshops, conferences and talks.

Our clients find that they become more assured of their value, better able to push back and to delegate, more resilient. Their messaging is more compelling, their teams are more productive and they’re happier at work. Their stakeholder feedback improves and they regularly report that dream jobs and other opportunities fall in their laps. 

We use research based tools and simple strategies based in neuroscience. Whether through coaching, workshops, Don’t be ARS’D® or The Diversity Collective, my clients are equipped to leverage their daily work interactions for better outcomes.

Make Your CAREER a Priority.

we certainly will.

When you’re better at your job… you enjoy it more

Every client is unique. You bring talents and challenges, changing environments. Coaching grows your awareness of yourself and others, enabling you to leverage your strengths, in order to build on them.

Most often the focus is on essential leadership skills like emotional intelligence, innovation, communication, inspiring others, confidence and decision making.

Coaching showcases you operating at your best, your happiest. By getting you to apply strategies for operating in that zone more and more over time, this stronger, authentic you is your new norm.

Coaching can decrease workplace stress

With increased emotional intelligence and a sense of achieving success in the areas that matter most, it’s no surprise that workplaces that employ experienced coaches see a decrease in workplace stress, anxiety and staff turnover.

When key individuals start to gain on their personal and professional goals, it rubs off on those around them.

As the gift that keeps giving, coaching creates coaches. Those we work with generally replicate our coaching frameworks, our mindfulness strategies and positive psychology approach, to build on the effects of enthusiasm and commitment, throughout their teams.

Coaching increases productivity

Great skills alone don’t make for great careers or successful businesses. Commitment and passion are essential, and they’re intensified through coaching.

Coaching goals are most often determined by the individual, not by the boss. So our clients are highly motivated to stretch more, to get stronger, to give more and to reap the results.

Increased engagement equals increased productivity.

Questions are the root of all answers.

Download 50 of my Favourite Questions for Inspiring Action.


I can highly recommend Catherine. The Coaching Program taught me how to identify my strengths and weaknesses. In so doing I am able to manage diverse personalities, and situations, by leveraging my personality profile and extracting the best from those around me, in many different circumstances. I highly recommend Catherine, for those seeking to grow and develop their inter-personal capabilities.

Mr B. Operations Director, Manufacturing

Catherine has guided me through a difficult transitional period in my career. Her expertise in the area, but also her personable interaction have allowed me to explore sometimes confronting issues and carried me through to a fantastic end result. Her counsel I will again seek.

Mrs M. CFO, Pharmaceutical Industry

I'd spent ages looking for the right mentor... in fact what I needed was a great coach. Working with Cath I finally found clarity. I learned my point of difference and, with practice became brave. I'm grateful for the journey and the doors that keep opening. I can't recommend Cath and the team highly enough.

Ms S. Business Manager, Financial Services

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