we are busy!

want to come and play?

do you know anyone who’s great at helping people achieve more?

So exciting to be able to say it: we are flat-out!

With requests for resumé writing, interview coaching, development coaching and our live events at an all-time high, we would love an extra pair of hands. Actually, with our working model, this is more like 8 sets of part – time hands working a little here and there around other commitments.

We’ve all heard of leaders who are awesome at helping people to see their own potential. If you know that person, please can you connect us with them?

And if you are that person?

Please call.

I would love to chat with you.



Resumé writers

Perhaps you have talents and passion for the written word. You can see the cohesive story behind a jumble of disparate, disconnected jobs. You’re happy to work to a somewhat standardised formula and are able to make SUCH a compelling case that the person now believes in themselves!

We have a proven formula for creating resumés that attract attention. But we’d love a couple more freelance writers to work with us, so we can continue to deliver.


Or maybe the joy factor for you is in looking into someone’s eyes.

Hearing the pain of their current career hurdle. Asking them the questions that will reveal the answers they were too busy or too blinded to see.

Helping them to correct, practice, correct, celebrate. 

Perhaps you coach.

Digital media specialists

Is social your thing? Coding, audiences, groups, analytics, scheduled posts…

If this is your language and you have a few spare hours up your sleeve, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.