Emotionally Intelligent Leadership – Free Training


High Emotional Intelligence has been shown to be the #1 predictor of leadership success.

On the flip side, low EI-workplaces experience higher stress, elevated turnover and lower productivity.


Unlike IQ, you can grow your EI with an appropriate strategy, observing and adjusting as you go.



Free live online training event, Wednesday 28th August at 10:30am to 11:30am, AEST.


5 Quick Big Wins for Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

In this one- hour training event, we’ll cover the five quickest big wins for emotionally intelligent leadership.

  • What are the low-EQ behaviours to watch for. Learn the best way to listen for brilliance and for warnings in yourself and your team.
  • How best to read the room, so you understand how best to be heard.
  • Anticipating trends and change. Coping with change is not enough in today’s workplace. You need an appetite for change. That’s easier to come by, when you’re contributing to the evolution, rather than getting dumped by wave after unexpected wave. Learn strategies for prediction.
  • The damage of ignorant positivity. Seeing the upside is an important skill, but used badly, optimism and passion does more harm than good. Learn the critical counterbalance.
  • How to get buy-in from low-EI offenders: We’re regularly asked if this is possible. It is, but there are some cards you need to play, to make it happen.


Who will attend the EmotionaIly Intelligent Leadership Training

If you lead or influence people in your career, then this FREE 60 minute intensive training is for you. And of course anyone you forward this link onto!

Pay it forward, help others to either see their strengths or to make adjustments, to grow their emotional intelligence.

Register your place HERE



Important: While Cath coaches and speaks from stage at large scale paid events on this subject regularly, she has never before offered this content as free online training.

Catherine regularly works with leaders and small groups from Australia’s most prominent public and private sector businesses. Building Emotional Intelligence is one of the most sought after capabilities in today’s workplace.

Make sure you don’t miss this unique opportunity.

Is this a sales pitch?

Full disclosure: many of our face to face events build skills in areas that contribute to emotionally intelligent leadership. So in the last few minutes of this training, I will flag those live events with you, so that you can take a deeper dive. However, my main goal is with this training is to give you as much content, tools and apply-now strategies as I can. That way, you A- get great value and B- have a good understanding of what we do.

So yes, we do have other paid events that you can purchase, but no, a sales pitch is not the prime focus of this training.

Follow THIS LINK to secure your place in the webinar.



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