Over-Deliver Without Overwhelm – with Yvonne Hilsz


Borrow from high-profile best practice service standards with Yvonne Hilsz.

Work your strengths to over-deliver without overwhelm.



We’re expected to excel in so many facets.
How do we perform at our best for our teams AND our stakeholders, without burning out?

This full day intensive, over-deliver without overwhelm,  is a journey of understanding yourself and your customer better.

We commence the day looking at your different stakeholders, using a framework to develop understanding and adapt approach.

Then we address self-management.

  • Beyond self-care and organisational skills, what is reasonable to deliver?
  • Which above-and-beyond moves would be beneficial vs time-wasting, and how do you avoid burnout once you commit?

Finally we look at communication strategies.

  • Keep service at the forefront, even when you’re saying no.
  • Inspire commitment.
  • Embrace vulnerability and admit to overwhelm, without damaging your reputation.

In short, over-deliver without overwhelm!

W H A T   Y O U   C A N   E X P E C T
F R O M   O V E R – D E L I V E R
W I T H O U T   O V E R W H E L M

Through this Masterclass you will:

  1. Better understand your stakeholders
  2. Identify methods to improve service delivery
  3. Learn communication strategies to push back, inspire and generate buy-in
  4. Commit to resilience techniques best suited to your style

A B O U T   O U R   G U E S T
E X P E R T   Y V O N N E   H I L S Z

Yvonne Hilsz is a an International Sales Strategist, Speaker and Coach specialising in Mindset, Sales & Service.

Her zone of genius is helping clients have breakthroughs and paradigm shifts about creating more wealth in their business and their life.

Clients include solo-preneurs, SME’s and some of Australia and New Zealand’s biggest Retail companies such as Woolworths, Cellarmasters, Dan Murphy’s, BWS helping them to generate 100’s of millions of dollars in additional sales.

Having honed her craft in the demanding retail sector, Yvonne has a created a program for all industries. Whether you work in the service-rich sectors of health, aged care, education, public sector or corporate, Over-Deliver Without Overwhelm will help you to deepen your reputation for service, while working within your limits.

W A T CH   Y V O N N E   H I L S Z   H E R E:

W H O   W I L L   A T T E N D
O V E R – D E L I V E R
O V E R W H E L M ?

Anyone with a high-stakes customer!
Healthcare professionals
Educators and academics
Public service leaders
Retail, Hospitality and Tourism Specialists
Professional services employees
Customer Service team leaders and employees
Men and women who interact with stakeholders

H O W   W I L L   Y O U   O V E R – D E L I V E R
W I T H O U T   O V E R W H E L M
P O S T – M A S T E R C L A S S ?

P O S T – W O R K S H O P
C O A C H   C A L L S   X 2

Our workshops are a little different, because our facilitators aren’t only trainers. They’re also experienced coaches.

Our goal in workshops is not a mere knowledge dump, but to help you shift the dial. Adjust your behaviour. That requires information and commitment. We help you make some great decisions. Decisions on more optimal outcomes in your work based on data, best practice and experience.

The training industry widely reports that about 10 – 30% of training is retained… and that 80% of learning actually happens in the application of that new knowledge. Coaching is the best way to help someone to apply what they’ve learned, to their unique environment. Amid the noise of their role and competing priorities!

During the Over-Deliver Without Overwhelm Workshop you’ll do a great deal of reflective and experiential learning. After the workshop, you’ll start to apply this new knowledge in your own role.

As a follow up to the workshop, we invite you to take up a heavily discounted coaching offer, specific to the workshop. Two 1:1 video calls of up to 30 minutes, staggered over the 3 months following your workshop. Your coach will help with the practical application of those behaviour changes. So you can adapt the strategies to your style, in your environment.

T H E   C O A C H I N G   P R O C E S S

Essentially you determine the outcome and we use lots of questions, to help you close the gap to reach it.

These are some of the surface questions you can expect.

What do you want to achieve? What’s stopping you? What are the options for moving past that obstacle? And what will you commit to, to bring those actions into play? To make this goal your reality?

You will emerge with more passion and conviction for what you’re doing, with greater clarity on your direction.

The follow up coach sessions will hold you accountable to those actions you decide upon. You’ll practice what you’ve learned, then debrief to do more of the great and less of what’s not working. You will cut through the noise of your regular job, to tweak your behaviour, applying the strategies learned to effect lasting change.

W H E N   W I L L   Y O U
B E   N E A R   M E?

We’ve had people flying / driving in from the regions to the CBDs for a while now, to attend our leadership events. This time, we’re bringing the events to Regional NSW. We could not be more excited to bring Yvonne Hilsz and Over-Deliver Without Overwhelm to you 🙂

Oh and our venues are quite beautiful. Experience shows us that the more immersive the location for training, the more the content sticks. It shouldn’t impact, but we know it helps.

See more on our venue partners HERE.

Monday 29th August
The Barn at Seacliff House, Gerringong
(30 mins south of Wollongong or 2 hours from Sydney)
$845 early bird pricing closes 29th June

Thursday 29th August
Sails Port Macquarie
$845 early bird pricing closes 29th July
$795 sparrows fart early bird pricing closes 29th June

Wednesday 11th September
Bondi Icebergs
$845 early bird pricing closes 11th July
$795 sparrows fart early bird pricing closes 11th June

Thursday 19th September
Hotel Canoblas
$845 early bird pricing closes 19th August
$795 sparrows fart early bird pricing closes 19th July

Thursday 7th November
Kirkton Hotel, Pokolbin
$845 early bird pricing closes 7th October
$795 sparrows fart early bird pricing closes 7th September

Thursday 21st November
Uneke Warehouse
$845 early bird pricing closes 21st October
$795 sparrows fart early bird pricing closes 21st September

H M M . . .   I   H A V E
A   Q U E S T I O N


Call me. Please, let’s talk about it.

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South Coast, Port Macquarie, Sydney, Orange, Hunter Valley, Wagga Wagga


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