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Resumé Writers take a dreaded “one day” task from your endless to-do list and replace it with a confidence boosting opportunity enabler.

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Resumé Writers make your worst nightmare go away.
That is, if self-doubt or updating your resumé is your worst nightmare 🙂


So many clients tell us that the lack of a compelling resumé is what’s holding them back from applying for promotion. That’s ridiculous! You can outsource this task, you do not need to experience this pain. What’s more, there’s a great deal more benefit than a simple job application and there’s actually quite a lot at stake, if your’e not ready to take that next step or negotiate a pay rise, on your own terms.

Having an updated resumé one of the simplest tasks that can impact your career trajectory.

But so many of our clients dread updating their resumé!

My family doctor once joked with me as I was white with nerves. He said “don’t worry, it doesn’t matter that you’re no good with needles – as long as I’m good with needles. I’m the expert.”

He was right. Corny joke, great message.

If you’ve been told you’re over-qualified or if you don’t believe you’re qualified enough, you need help you get your resumé right. If you’re perfectly capable but a lack of time is preventing you from having an up to date resumé? We can take care of that for you.


Resume Writers

If your less than great resumé is holding you back from opportunity, think for a moment about what that really means.

  • Not finding your dream job that you bounce out of bed for every day
  • Missing the opportunity to work alongside the best possible boss
  • Losing income, both now and into the future.
  • Smaller holidays, fewer people you can help financially or otherwise
  • You don’t get to hire a cleaner / pool guy / ironing person / gardener / nanny / Grandaddy carer
  • More limited new cars / toys
  • A more anxious retirement.
  • The disservice to those who follow you, if you set a standard of accepting less than you deserve

Hm, am I sounding melodramatic here?

You’re hearing my frustration. Resumé Writers perform a simple task really well.

To retire with $1000 per week income, we need the equivalent of 3 investment properties, fully paid off. Are you on track for that?

And what about those around you: are they on track for that too, or is it possible you may want to assist in some ways?

The greatest benefit Resumé Writers deliver

It’s the confidence boost.  Our clients are routinely shocked. “even I think I’d be great at this job now!” is something we hear a lot. Ahhh-lot a lot.

An updated resumé that’s targeted to your dream job is the fastest-track way to boost your confidence. It’s the ultimate reminder of what you’ve achieved and how totally on track you are!!!

Professional resumé writers are awesome at finding the compelling story amid what might feel like your disjointed career path.

You don’t have to do this alone.

You CAN write your own resumé, but you don’t have to.

The reality is that you can outsource your resumé update to a Resumé´Writer. Have the pain taken away and be ready for opportunity.

The Process

  1. Once you purchase, my team of Resumé Writers will be notified.
  2. We’ll be in touch within 2 business days to ask you some questions. Questions like what are you great at, what are you known for and what’s your dream job right now. We’ll get you to send your current resumé and we’ll ask questions about any gaps we need filled in.
  3. We get creating and get typing!
  4. Within 5 business days, your freshly polished resumé will be delivered to your inbox.

Most resumés take around 2 hours for a spruce, between our info-gathering call and actual copy writing time. When we’re taking your brief (that’s Step 2 just above here), we’ll let you know if we think your resumé is going to be a bigger job. Then you’ll have the option to either have us do the two hours’ work only, or we refund your money and send you to complete it with our advice and well wishes. Or, you can choose to agree to the additional time. Only about 5% of resumés require additional time.

This is a career investment.

Of course we can update your resumé when you need it in a hurry for a last-minute opportunity. Or, you can have someone do it for you now. Gain the broader confidence and steering benefits.

And if you book it in quick you can claim it on your FY19 tax return!


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